Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

The Brazilian College of Animal Reproduction (CBRA) proudly celebrated in 2004 its 30th anniversary and organized the 15th International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR), which for our pleasure took place in Brazil. We also have been publishing the Brazilian Journal of Animal Reproduction during the past 40 years. This conjunction of special events, and the awareness we are reaching maturity, made us very confident in pursuing new challenges and horizons. In this context we launched in 2004 a new international journal in the field - Animal Reproduction (AR) - whose aims are to publish reviews and original articles related to the bas ic, applied and biotechnological aspects of animal reproductive biology. It is a difficult task, however we´ve been working very hard to make this a successful journal with the hope of fulfilling a long-standing need in Latin America by providing an excellent avenue for publications in this important and productive field of science. In this regard, we ask that you submit your next work for publication in our journal.


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Current Edition

Dr. Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio
FZEA/USP, Pirassununga, SP, Brazil

Dr. Felipe Perecin
FZEA/USP, Pirassununga, SP, Brazil

Dr. Ivan Cunha Bustamante Filho
UNIVATES, Lajeado, RS, Brazil


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Colégio Brasileiro de Reprodução Animal

Anim Reprod

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