Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Role of diestrus progesterone on endometrial function and conceptus development in cattle

P. Lonergan, L. O’Hara, N. Forde

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Successful growth and development of the post-hatching blastocyst and pregnancy establishment are a result of the interaction between a competent embryo and a receptive uterine environment. Progesterone (P4) plays a key role in reproductive events associated with establishment and maintenance of pregnancy through its action on the uterine endometrium. Elevated concentrations of circulating P4 in the immediate post-conception period have been associated with an advancement of conceptus elongation, an increase in interferon-tau production and higher pregnancy rates in cattle. The potential beneficial effects of exogenous P4 supplementation on fertility have been acknowledged for a long time but results of supplementation have been inconsistent and may be related to the strategy used to achieve high P4 endogenous concentrations in the animal. This review summarizes recent data highlighting the role of progesterone in regulating uterine function and embryo development in cattle


conceptus elongation, cow fertility, embryo mortality, maternal recognition of pregnancy
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