Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

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Volume 17, Issue 3, 2020

17(3), 2020


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A word from the Scientific Committee (SBTE) Fabíola Freitas de Paula Lopes, Rogério Fonseca Guimarães Peres
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Thematic Section: 34th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE)
Placenta specific gene targeting to study histone lysine demethylase and androgen signaling in ruminant placenta Taylor Kimberly Hord; Agata Maria Parsons Aubone; Asghar Ali; Hayley Nicole Templeton; River Evans; Jason Edward Bruemmer; Quinton Alexander Winger; Gerrit Jerry Bouma
How can we improve embryo production and pregnancy outcomes of Holstein embryos produced in vitro? (12 years of practical results at a California dairy farm) Daniela Garcia Borges Demetrio; Eduardo Benedetti; Clarice Garcia Borges Demetrio; Julio Fonseca; Mayara Oliveira; Alvaro Magalhaes; Ricarda Maria dos Santos
A decade of experience with genetically tailored pig models for diabetes and metabolic research Silja Zettler; Simone Renner; Elisabeth Kemter; Arne Hinrichs; Nikolai Klymiuk; Mattias Backman; Evamaria Olga Riedel; Christiane Mueller; Elisabeth Streckel; Christina Braun-Reichhart; Ana Sofia Martins; Mayuko Kurome; Barbara Keßler; Valeri Zakhartchenko; Florian Flenkenthaler; Georg Josef Arnold; Thomas Fröhlich; Helmut Blum; Andreas Blutke; Rüdiger Wanke; Eckhard Wolf

Original Article
Effect of follicle size on oocytes recovery rate, quality, and in-vitro developmental competence in Bos indicus cows Zaeem Sarwar; Muhammad Saad; Muhammad Saleem; Ali Husnain; Amjad Riaz; Nasim Ahmad
Estimated date of delivery in Chihuahua breed bitches, based on embryo-fetal biometry, assessed by ultrasonography Catharina de Albuquerque Vieira; Rodrigo Freitas Bittencourt; Carmo Emanuel Almeida Biscarde; Maíra Planzo Fernandes; Alessandro Bitencourt Nascimento; Elton Amorim Romão; Isabella de Matos Brandão Carneiro; Mariana Alves de Andrade Silva; Renata Oliveira Barreto; Marcus Vinícius Galvão Loiola
Effect of COQ9 and STAT5A polymorphisms on reproductive performance in a Holstein cow herd in Mexico Néstor Gerardo Michel-Regalado; Miguel Ángel Ayala-Valdovinos; Jorge Galindo-García; Theodor Duifhuis-Rivera; David Román Sánchez-Chiprés; Mauricio Valencia-Posadas
Pluripotent stem cells proliferation is associated with placentation in dogs Juliana Barbosa Casals; Naira Caroline Godoy Pieri; Kelly Cristine Santos Roballo; Fabiana Fernandes Bressan; Phelipe Oliveira Favaron; Daniele dos Santos Martins; Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio
Influence of long-term thermal stress on the in vitro maturation on embryo development and Heat Shock Protein abundance in zebu cattle Ralf Pöhland; Mirela Brochado Souza-Cácares; Tirtha Kumar Datta; Jens Vanselow; Maria Isabel Mello Martins; Wilian Aparecido Leite da Silva; Christopher Junior Tavares Cardoso; Fabiana de Andrade Melo-Sterza

Thematic Section: 36th Annual Meeting of the Association of Embryo Technology in Europe (AETE)
Boar seminal plasma: current insights on its potential role for assisted reproductive technologies in swine Inmaculada Parrilla; Emilio Arsenio Martinez; Maria Antonia Gil; Cristina Cuello; Jordi Roca; Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez; Cristina Alicia Martinez
Erasing gametes to write blastocysts: metabolism as the new player in epigenetic reprogramming Marcella Pecora Milazzotto; Camila Bruna de Lima; Aldcejam Martins da Fonseca Junior; Erika Cristina dos Santos; Jessica Ispada
Defining the male contribution to embryo quality and offspring health in assisted reproduction in farm animals Hannah Louise Morgan; Nader Eid; Afsaneh Khoshkerdar; Adam John Watkins
Understanding the trade-off between the environment and fertility in cows and ewes Hilary Dobson; Jean Elsie Routly; Robert Frank Smith

Abstracts - 34th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE)

Folliculogenesis, oogenesis, and superovulation
Cloning, transgenesis and stem cells

Abstracts - 36th Annual Meeting of the Association of Embryo Technology in Europe (AETE)

Folliculogenesis, oogenesis, and superovulation
Cloning, transgenesis and stem cells

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