Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Strategies to increase in vitro embryo yield: lessons from cell and molecular research

F.V. Meirelles, M.R. Chiaratti, R.M. Ferreira, F.D.P. Meirelles, F.F. Bressan

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Numerous reproductive biotechnologies are commonly employed to enhance animal production mainly through multiplying animals with high-quality traits in a large-scale production system. There is, however, several peculiarities during the process of embryo in vitro production that are still in need of further studies in order to obtain a higher efficiency. This present review discuss some of such particularities, as well as new models of embryo and gamete production, which will probably be part of a new era of reproductive biotechnologies in a near future


animal reproduction, bovine, embryo, in vitro studies.
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