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Animal Reproduction (AR)
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A Brazilian pulp and paper mill effluent disrupts energy metabolism in immature rat testis and alters Sertoli cell secretion and mitochondrial activity

Vanessa Staldoni de Oliveira; Allisson Jhonatan Gomes Castro; Juliana Tonietto Domingues; Ariane Zamoner Pacheco de Souza; Débora da Luz Scheffer; Alexandra Latini; Carlos Henrique Lemos Soares; Glen Van Der Kraak; Fátima Regina Mena Barreto Silva

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Abstract: Our objective was to investigate whether the pulp and paper mill industry effluent could affect the testis and Sertoli cells in a fast exposure period. For this, the present study was carried out in immature rats at 10-day-old. Testis treated in vitro with 4% effluent for 1 h presented changes in energy metabolism in terms of a decrease in lactate content and glucose uptake. Elevation in GSH content, as an antioxidant defense mechanism, was also detected. Sertoli cells treated with 4% effluent for 1 hour showed alterations in the mitochondrial metabolism that favor the decoupling of oxidative phosphorylation and the generation of oxygen reactive species and also a time and concentration-dependent delay secretion of acidic vesicles. Our results showed that pollutants present in the pulp and paper mill effluents, in a short time of exposure, are capable of inducing alterations in important metabolic functions in the testis and in Sertoli cells that are crucial for the correct progression of spermatogenesis and fertility.


testis, Sertoli, effluent, lactate, secretion


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