Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Reduction of seminal plasma concentration can decrease detrimental effects of seminal plasma on chilled ram spermatozoa

Reza Rajabi-Toustani; Mohammad Roostaei-Ali Mehr; Rasool Motamedi-Mojdehi

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  This study was conducted to investigate the effect of different levels of seminal plasma (SP) and cold-shock on ram spermatozoa during 36 h storage at 5°C. In both ejaculated spermatozoa coated with egg yolk (second ejaculate; coated spermatozoa) and epididymal spermatozoa, samples were treated with 0, 50 and 100% seminal plasma. Different levels of seminal plasma were added on the basis of ram spermatocrit (32%). Then half of aliquots were suddenly put on ice water (cold-shock) and other half were gradually (0.25°C/min) chilled (non- cold shock). Sperm motility, viability and functional membrane integrity were determined in both aliquots at 0, 12, 24 and 36 h storage at 5°C. Under non- cold shock and cold-shock conditions, coated spermatozoa treated with 0% SP showed the highest motility compared to ejaculated spermatozoa (first ejaculate; uncoated spermatozoa) after 12, 24 and 36 h of storage at 5°C (P<0.05). Under non- cold shock and cold-shock conditions, viability and functional membrane integrity was higher in the coated spermatozoa treated with 0% SP than in the uncoated spermatozoa during 36 h storage (P<0.05). There was no significant difference between coated spermatozoa treated with 0 and 50% SP in the percentage of motility and viability after 24 and 36 h of storage (P>0.05). Under non- cold shock and cold-shock conditions, the percentage of motility of epididymal spermatozoa treated with 0% SP was significantly (P<0.05) higher than those treated with 100% SP after 36 h of storage at 5°C. In conclusion, removal of seminal plasma and/or reduction (up to 50%) of its concentration can decrease detrimental effects of seminal plasma on chilled ram spermatozoa.


coated spermatozoa, cold-shock, ram spermatozoa, seminal plasma


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