Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Coenzyme Q-10 improves preservation of mitochondrial functionality and actin structure of cryopreserved stallion sperm

Renata Lançoni; Eneiva Carla Carvalho Celeghini; Valdemar De Giuli Júnior; Carla Patricia Teodoro de Carvalho; Gabriela Bertaiolli Zoca; Laura Nataly Garcia-Oliveros; Leonardo Batissaco; Letícia Zoccolaro Oliveira; Rubens Paes de Arruda

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Abstract: Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) is a cofactor for mitochondrial electron transport chain and may be an alternative to improve sperm quality of cryopreserved equine semen. This work aimed to improve stallion semen quality after freezing by adding CoQ-10 to the cryopreservation protocol. Seven saddle stallions were utilized. Each animal was submitted to five semen collections and freezing procedures. For cryopreservation, each ejaculate was divided in three treatments: 1) Botucrio® diluent (control); 2) 50 μmol CoQ-10 added to Botucrio® diluent; 3) 1 mmol CoQ-10 added to Botucrio® diluent. Semen batches were analyzed for sperm motility characteristics (CASA), plasma and acrosomal membranes integrity and mitochondrial membrane potential (by fluorescence probes propidium iodide, Hoechst 33342, FITC-PSA and JC-1, respectively), alterations in cytoskeletal actin (phalloidin-FITC) and mitochondrial function (diaminobenzidine; DAB). The 1 mmol CoQ-10 treatment presented higher (P<0.05) amount (66.8%) of sperm cells with fully stained midpiece (indicating high mitochondrial activity) and higher (P<0.05) amount (81.6%) of cells without actin reorganization to the post-acrosomal region compared to control group (60.8% and 76.0%, respectively). It was concluded that the addition of 1 mmol CoQ-10 to the freezing diluent was more effective in preserving mitochondria functionality and cytoskeleton of sperm cells submitted to cryopreservation process.


antioxidant, cytoskeleton, cryopreservation, equine, sperm quality


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