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Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Uterine infusion of conceptus fragments changes the protein profile from cyclic mares

Cesar Augusto Camacho; Gabriel de Oliveira Santos; Jorge Emilio Caballeros; Nicolas Cazales; Camilo José Ramirez; Pedro Marcus Pereira Vidigal; Humberto Josué de Oliveira Ramos; Edvaldo Barros; Rodrigo Costa Mattos

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Abstract: This experiment aimed to compare at day seven after ovulation, the protein profile of uterine fluid in cyclic mares with mares infused two days before with Day 13 conceptus fragments. Experimental animals were ten healthy cyclic mares, examined daily to detect ovulation (Day 0) as soon as estrus was confirmed. On day seven, after ovulation, uterine fluid was collected, constituting the Cyclic group (n = 10). The same mares were examined in the second cycle until ovulation was detected. On day five, after ovulation, fragments from a previously collected concepti were infused into each mare's uterus. Two days after infusion, uterine fluid was collected, constituting the Fragment group (n = 10). Two-dimensional electrophoresis technique processed uterine fluid samples. A total of 373 spots were detected. MALDI-TOF/TOF and NanoUHPLC-QTOF mass spectrometry identified twenty spots with differences in abundance between the Cyclic and Fragment group. Thirteen proteins were identified, with different abundance between groups. Identified proteins may be related to embryo-maternal communication, which involves adhesion, nutrition, endothelial cell proliferation, transport, and immunological tolerance. In conclusion, conceptus fragments signalized changes in the protein profile of uterine fluid seven days after ovulation in comparison to the observed at Day 7 in the same cyclic mares.


maternal recognition, two-dimensional electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, embryo-maternal communication


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