Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Chemotactic behavior of Campylobacter fetus subspecies towards cervical mucus, bovine placenta and selected substances and ion

Dionei Joaquim Haas; Jonata de Melo Barbieri; Elaine Maria Seles Dorneles; Andrey Pereira Lage

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The chemotaxis of C. fetus subsp. venerealis and C. fetus subsp. fetus was determined in the presence of bovine cervical mucus and bovine placental extract. Some reported substances and ion in those materials, such amino acids, ferrous iron, hormones, sugars and organic acids were also investigated. Bovine cervical mucus, bovine placenta extracts and some substances and ion of these materials namely L–fucose, L– aspartate, L–glutamate, L–serine, ferrous iron, fumarate, pyruvate and succinate were chemoattractants. The chemottraction was significantly larger in higher concentrations of the tested substances and ion and significant differences among tested strains were also observed. Meso-erythritol and hormones bovine placental lactogen, 17β-estradiol, and progesterone did not elicit chemotactical response. In conclusion, this chemotactic behavior may guide the C. fetus navigation in the bovine host's genital tract and be an important cofactor of tissue tropism for this bacterium.


bacterial chemotaxis, chemoattractants, tissue tropism, bovine genital tract, bovine genital campylobacteriosis


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