Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Meta-analysis of melatonin treatment and porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryo development

Zhenhua Guo; Wengui Chen; Lei Lv; Di Liu

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Porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) plays an important role in many areas of research. However, the low efficiency of SCNT in porcine embryos limits its applications. Porcine embryos contain high concentrations of lipid, which makes them vulnerable to oxidative stress. Some studies have used melatonin to reduce reactive oxygen species damage. At present there are many reports concerning the effect of exogenous melatonin on porcine SCNT. Some studies suggest that the addition of melatonin can increase the number of blastocyst cells, while others indicate that melatonin can reduce the number of blastocyst cells. Therefore, a meta-analysis was carried out to resolve the contradiction. In this study, a total of 63 articles from the past 30 years were analyzed, and six papers were finally selected. Through the analysis, it was found that the blastocyst rate was increased by adding exogenous melatonin. Melatonin had no effect on cleavage rate or the number of blastocyst cells, but did decrease the number of apoptotic cells. This result is crucial for future research on embryo implantation.


meta-analysis, melatonin, SCNT, porcine


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