Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Doppler sonography of the umbilical and uterine arteries blood flow of pregnant Saanen goats

Priscila Del’Aguila-Silva; Fabiana Cirino dos Santos; Victor José Correia dos Santos; Ricardo Andres Ramirez Uscategui; Luciana Cristina Padilha-Nakaghi; Renata Sitta Gomes Mariano; Mariana Garcia Kako Rodriguez; Lizandra Amoroso; Wilter Ricardo Russiano Vicente; Marcus Antônio Rossi Feliciano

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The objective was to evaluate the blood flow of the uterine artery (UA) and umbilical artery (UMB) in the physiological pregnancy of goats by means of Doppler throughout the gestational period. Twenty-five Saanen goats weighing 55 ± 10 kg and aged between 2 and 5 were evaluated weekly, from the 21st until the 143rd day of gestation, and daily from that period until parturition. Values for peak systolic velocity (PSV), end diastolic velocity (EDV) and resistance (RI) and pulsatility (PI) indices of the uterine and umbilical arteries were determined. The values obtained were correlated with gestational age by Spearman's test, tested for adjustment to regression models and compared with the number of fetuses by ANOVA. The umbilical cord was first visualized at 28 days. Of the variables evaluated, RIUMB and PIUMB correlated with gestational age (p<0.001; and 0.046; respectively) and RIUMB had a low negative correlation with the number of fetuses per pregnancy (p = 0.003; r- Spearman = - 0.218). PSVUMB and EDVUMB values did not correlate with gestational age (p=0.737 and 0.768, respectively), but there was a decrease in the mean values throughout pregnancy (PSVUMB= 0.07; 0.31 and EDVUMB= 0.01; 0.06) as well as the change in the flow pattern of the spectral trace. The mean values of the uterine artery dopplervelocimetric variables PSVUT, EDVUT, PIUT and RIUT did not correlate with gestational age (p= 0.324; 0.372, 0.143; 0.13; respectively). It is expected that the results obtained will contribute to a broader understanding of the hemodynamic changes resulting from pregnancy in goats.


ultrasonography, Saanen, maternal-fetal vascularization


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