Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Evaluation of novel SexedULTRA-4M technology for in vitro bovine embryo production

Horacio Álvarez-Gallardo; Michael Edward Kjelland; Mario Pérez-Martínez; Fernando Villaseñor-González; Salvador Romo-García

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SexedULTRA-4M™ is made using an improved method of sex-sorting sperm in a less damaging environment for better retaining sperm integrity throughout the sorting process. The objective of this research was to compare conventional (CONV) and SexedULTRA-4M™ (ULTRA-4M) semen for bovine IVP using four Angus bulls. Matured slaughterhouse oocytes (n = 4000) were divided into the CONV group and the ULTRA-4M group (2000 COCs for each semen type). The IVF process was implemented with CONV and ULTRA-4M semen from the same bull. The cleavage rates, eight cell embryos and blastocysts on day 7 of culture were evaluated for each semen type and each bull. The statistical analysis was carried out with the ANOVA procedure SAS software. The results were 54.45% ± 1.03 and 58.10% ± 1.07; 35% ± 1.57 and 39.15% ± 1.62; 22.8% ± 1.09 and 27.15% ± 1.12 for CONV and ULTRA-4M, respectively, for cleavage rate, eight cell embryos and blastocysts on day 7 for the average of all bulls, comparing only the semen type. Concerning only the semen type, ULTRA-4M was significantly superior to CONV for cleavage rates (P = 0.01) and blastocysts on day 7 (P = 0.009). There were no significant differences between the CONV and ULTRA-4M groups (P>0.05) for all variables analyzed for Bull 1 and Bull 4, however, for Bull 2 ULTRA-4M was significantly superior to CONV for cleavage rates and blastocysts on day 7 (P< 0.05). In Bull 3, ULTRA-4M was significantly higher (P< 0.05) for blastocysts on day 7 compared to CONV. In conclusion, under the conditions of this research the ULTRA-4M and CONV semen produced similar bovine IVP results overall.


SexedULTRA-4M, sexed semen, bovine, IVF


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