Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Group-training of rams at puberty for artificial vagina-mediated semen collection and its influence on semen quality and sexual behavior

Majdi Ahmed Bahadi; Mohammed Abdo Al-Badwi; Emad Mohammed Samara; Khalid Ahmed Abdoun; Ibrahim Abdullah Alhidary; Ahmed Abraham Al-Haidary

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There is a paucity of information with respect to group-training for artificial vagina and its influence on semen characteristics and sexual behavior of young untrained rams. A total of 18 healthy Najdi rams (with an initial body weight of 40-45 Kg and 7-8 month-old) were consequently used herein to test the usefulness of group-training for artificial vagina-mediated semen collection during the breeding season. Rams were randomly segregated into three groups (n = 6 rams per protocol), and the whole experiment was lasted for 10 weeks. The 1st group was subjected to a training protocol where one untrained ram was placed for 20 min with a teaser ewe, while the 2nd group were subjected to a protocol where one untrained ram was placed for 20 min with one trained ram and a teaser ewe, whereas the 3rd group were subjected to a protocol where three untrained rams were placed for 20 min with one trained ram and a teaser ewe. The obtained results clearly (P < 0.05) showed that training young rams in group has increased their sperm concentration and sexual stimulation, shortened the period of their training time, and descriptively had a complete training efficiency. The sexual stimulation of young untrained rams was intensified by the competition between rams in the co-presence of a trained ram. Collectively, these data may suggest that group-training of rams at puberty is a better protocol for AV-mediated semen collection compared to individual training. Some shortcomings were noted herein, but research dealing with this subject may very well improve the reproductive performance of young untrained rams.


artificial insemination, CASA, flehmen, libido, puberty


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