Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Endometrial receptivity in cattle: the mutual reprogramming paradigm

Mario Binelli; Felipe Alves Correa Carvalho Silva; Cecilia Constantino Rocha; Thiago Martins; Mariana Sponchiado; Veerle Van Hoeck; Andrey Cordeiro; Meghan Campbell; Jo L. M. R. Leroy; Francisco Peñagaricano; Guilherme Pugliesi

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Prior to implantation in cattle, the mucous medium contained in the uterine lumen serves as a working interface for molecular exchange and signaling between the lining endometrium and the embryo. The composition of this luminal fluid changes temporally according to the secretory and reabsorptive activities of the uterus and the embryo, which are under complex regulation. Via this interface, both the embryo and the endometrium reprogram each other’s functions to support pregnancy continuation beyond the pre-implantation period. More specifically, the embryo receives elongation signals and the uterus receives anti-luteolytic stimuli. Here, characteristics of the luminal compartment as well as the regulation of its composition to determine the pregnancy outcome will be discussed.


cattle, endometrium, sex-steroids, embryo


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