Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Biobanking and use of gonadal tissues - a promising strategy for conserving wildlife from the Caatinga biome

Alexandre Rodrigues Silva; Alexsandra Fernandes Pereira; Pierre Comizzoli

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Biological Resource Banks (BRB) or Genetic Resource Banks (GRB) are critical tools for the conservation of animal biodiversity. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, more than 38,500 species are threatened with extinction, out of a total of 138,300 surveyed species. These banks are repositories of biological samples and data recovered and preserved for the long term by zoos, universities, research centers and other conservation organizations. In recent years, BRB have increasingly included ovarian and testicular tissues as additional options to rescue and propagate wild species, especially those at risk of extinction. After in vitro culture or grafting, gonadal tissues are potential sources of matured gametes that can be used for Assisted Reproduction Technologies while informing about gametogenesis or mechanisms involved in infertility. It therefore is crucial to properly recover, cryopreserve, and culture these tissues using species-specific protocols. Developing BRBs is currently one of the strategies to preserve species from the Caatinga biome - an exclusively Brazilian biome with a rich wild fauna that suffers from anthropogenic activities. Among wild species from this biome, studies have been primarily conducted in collared peccaries, agoutis, cavies, and armadillos to preserve their ovarian and testicular tissues. Additionally, domestic species such as the domestic cat and donkeys have been proposed as models for wild species that are phylogenetically close. This review addresses the main technical aspects involved in obtaining BRB derived from gonadal tissues in some wild species of the Caatinga biome. It reports recent advances and perspectives to use these biological materials for wildlife conservation.


biodiversity, wildlife conservation, genome resource banking, ovarian tissue, testicular tissue


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