Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Additional effects using progestins in mares on levels of thyroid hormones and steroids in neonates

Ana Carolina Rusca Correa Porto; Mariana Abreu Redoan; Cristina Oliveira Massoco; Priscila Viau Furtado; Claudio Alvarenga Oliveira

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Abstract: The risk of pregnancy loss in mares leads to the use of exogenous hormones to help pregnancy maintenance. The objective was to evaluate the proportion of thyroid hormones and steroids in neonates, in the following postpartum period, born to mares fed with synthetic progesterone and to verify the existence of a correlation between the level of progesterone between mother and neonate. Twenty-seven mares and their foals were used. The animals were divided into 5 experimental groups: group 1 (control, without hormonal supplementation), group 2 (random samples fed to 120 days of pregnancy with long-term progesterone), group 3 (mares fed with short-term progesterone as of 280.º day of pregnancy), group 4 (mares fed with long-term progesterone as of 280.º day of pregnancy) and group 5 (mares fed with synthetic hormone [altrenogest] as of 280.º day of pregnancy). The animal’s blood collection took place immediately after parturition for the hormonal measurement. The hormones measured in neonates were total T3, free T4, TSH, progesterone and cortisone. In mares, only levels of progesterone. The groups of neonates showed no difference on levels of total T3, free T4, TSH and progesterone. There was no difference on levels of progesterone in mares among the groups. Neonates from groups 4 and 5 had higher and lower cortisone levels, respectively. No neonate showed clinical change. There was also no correlation between levels of progesterone in mares and foals. Thus, hormonal supplementation with long-term progesterone as of 280 days of pregnancy leds to an increase in the neonate's cortisone levels, in the meantime, supplementation with altrenogest as of 280 days of pregnancy caused a decrease on cortisone levels in foals, despite clinical signs have not been observed on these animals.


altrenogest, progesterone, cortisone, equine, pregnancy


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