Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Sperm HSP70: may not be an age-dependent gene but is associated with field fertility in Bali bulls (Bos sondaicus)

Dian Tria Fatmila; Berlin Pandapotan Pardede; Tulus Maulana; Syahruddin Said; Yudi Yudi; Bambang Purwantara

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This study aimed to analyze the characteristics of the HSP70 gene and protein in spermatozoa of Bali bulls of different age groups and to examine its potential as a biomarker determining bull fertility. This study used frozen semen produced from six Bali bulls divided into two groups based on age (≤ 9 years and ≥ 12 years). Parameters of frozen semen quality analyzed included sperm motility and kinetics using computer-assisted semen analysis, sperm morphological defects using Diff-Quick staining, acrosome integrity using FITC-PNA staining, and DNA fragmentation using acridine orange staining. HSP70 gene expression characterization was analyzed using qRT-PCR, and HSP70 protein abundance was analyzed using enzyme immunoassays. Fertility field data were obtained by analyzing the percentage conception rate for each bull based on the artificial insemination service data contained in the Indonesian-integrated system of the National Animal Health Information System (iSIKHNAS). The results showed significant differences (P<0.05) in total and progressive motility, morphological defects of the neck and midpiece, and tail of sperm, and acrosome integrity between the age groups of Bali bulls. HSP70 gene expression and protein abundance showed no significant differences (P>0.05) in different age groups. HSP70 gene expression correlated with fertility rate (P<0.05). Age affected several semen quality parameters but did not affect HSP70 gene expression and protein abundance. The HSP70 gene molecule could be a biomarker that determines the fertility of Bali bulls.


age, Bali bulls, fertility, gene, HSP70, semen quality


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