Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Environmental factors on the probability of pregnancy in early or conventionally weaned beef cows

Ricardo Zambarda Vaz; José Fernando Piva Lobato; Javier Alexander Bethancourt-Garcia; Rangel Fernandes Pacheco; Nathália Pasi Reis; Dayana Bernardi Sarzi Sartori; Sabrina Amália Jappe; João Restle

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Abstract: Potential variables for the reproductive success of beef cows were evaluated. Included in the model were the age of the cow at calving; the interval between the Julian calving date and the end of the breeding season; the body weight and conditions at calving, at 75 days post-partum and at the end of the breeding season; and the mean daily variation in weight between these dates. Logistic regression was used in the analysis, with the parameters evaluated using the odds ratio statistic, estimating the chance of pregnancy. The mean rate of pregnancy was 84% and 55% for early and late-weaned cows, respectively. For early weaned cows, the regression variables were the Julian calving date, age of the cow, weight gain from calving to 75 days post-partum, and from 75 days post-partum to the end of the reproductive period. For late-weaned cows, there were only two regression variables, weight at calving and weight gain from calving to the end of the reproductive period. For every year above the average age of the herd, early weaned cows have an 80.9% greater chance of pregnancy, while a reduction of one year reduces the chance of pregnancy by 44.7%. In early weaned cows, every seven days after the mean Julian calving date reduces the chances of pregnancy by 22.6%, whereas every seven days before the mean calving date increases pregnancy by 29.2%. Greater gains in cow body weight, from calving to the end of the reproductive period, determine a greater probability of pregnancy.


ambience, calving weight, Julian calving date, lactation time, postpartum weight gain


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