Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

NPPC and AREG supplementation in IVM systems alter mRNA translation and decay programs-related gene expression in bovine COC

Helena Fabiana Reis de Almeida Saraiva; Juliano Rodrigues Sangalli; Luana Alves; Juliano Coelho da Silveira; Flávio Vieira Meirelles; Felipe Perecin

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During oocyte meiosis resumption, a coordinated program of transcript translation and decay machinery promotes a remodeling of mRNA stores, which determines the success of the acquisition of competence and early embryo development. We investigated levels of two genes related to mRNA translation (CPEB1 and CPEB4) and two related to mRNA degradation (CNOT7 and ZFP36L2) machinery and found ZFP36L2 downregulated in in vitro-matured bovine oocytes compared to in vivo counterparts. Thereafter, we tested the effects of a pre-IVM step with NPPC and a modified IVM with AREG on the modulation of members of mRNA translation and degradation pathways in cumulus cells and oocytes. Our data showed a massive upregulation of genes associated with translational and decay processes in cumulus cells, promoted by NPPC and AREG supplementation, up to 9h of IVM. The oocytes were less affected by NPPC and AREG, and even though ZFP36L2 transcript and protein levels were downregulated at 9 and 19h of IVM, only one (KDM4C) from the ten target genes evaluated was differently expressed in these treatments. These data suggest that cumulus cells are more prone to respond to NPPC and AREG supplementation in vitro, regarding translational and mRNA decay programs. Given the important nursing role of these cells, further studies could contribute to a better understanding of the impact of these modulators in maternal mRNA modulation and improve IVM outcomes.


In vitro maturation, pre-maturation, ZFP36L2, oocyte, cumulus cells


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