Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

The association of resveratrol and AFPI did not enhance the cryoresistance of ram sperm

Viviane Lopes Brair; Lucas Francisco Leodido Correia; Nathalia Oliveira Barbosa; Rachel Ferreira Braga; Augusto Ryonosuke Taira; Andreza Amaral da Silva; Felipe Zandonadi Brandão; Rodolfo Ungerfeld; Joanna Maria Gonçalves Souza-Fabjan

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Abstract: Cryoprotectants are required to reduce damage caused to the cells due to low temperatures during the cryopreservation. Antifreeze proteins (AFP) have a well-known role in cell membrane protection, while resveratrol is a potent antioxidant. This study assessed the effect of the association of resveratrol concentrations and AFP I in a ram semen extender. Pooled semen of four rams was allocated into six treatments in a factorial arrangement: (CONT, only the semen extender); only AFP I (ANT: 0.1 µg/mL of AFP I), only resveratrol, one treatment with two levels (10 µM/mL or 50 µM/mL of resveratrol); and two treatments with the interactions, with one AFP I and one of the two levels of resveratrol (0.1 µg/mL of AFP I with 10 µM/mL resveratrol; 0.1 µg/mL of AFP I with 50 µM/mL resveratrol). No interaction between factors was observed on sperm kinetics, plasma membrane integrity, hypo-osmotic test, and mitochondrial activity parameters. There was a high probability (P = 0.06) of reducing sperm cells with functional membrane percentage in the hypo-osmotic test and increasing the percentage of sperm with high mitochondrial activity (P = 0.07) was observed in AFP presence. An interaction of AFP and resveratrol was observed in non-capacitated sperm (P = 0.009), acrosomal reaction (P = 0.034), and sperm binding (P = 0.04). In conclusion, the association of resveratrol and AFP did not improve the quality of frozen-thawed semen and even promoted deleterious effects compared to their single addition in the semen extender. The supplementation of 50 µM/mL of resveratrol improved the outcomes of frozen-thawed ram sperm, being a potential cryoprotectant.


antioxidant, cryoprotectants, sheep, slow-freezing, spermatozoa


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