Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Systematic review of hormonal strategies to improve fertility in rams

Estela Garza-Brenner; Fernando Sánchez-Dávila; Keyla Mauleón-Tolentino; Cecilia Carmela Zapata-Campos; Carlos Luna-Palomera; Javier Hernandez-Melendez; Marisol Gonzalez-Delgado; José Fernando Vázquez-Armijo

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Reviewing the current state of knowledge on reproductive performance and productive traits in rams has many advantages. First, the compilation of this information will serve as a literature resource for scientists conducting research around the world and will contribute to the understanding of the data collected and interpreted by researchers on the different hormonal strategies used to improve reproductive performance in rams. Second, it will allow scientists to identify current knowledge gaps and set future research priorities in ram reproduction. Rams play an important role in the global flock economy, but their reproductive analysis has been limited in the use of hormonal technologies to increase the productivity of sheep flocks. In this review, we cite the most important works on six hormones that, in one way or another, modify the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, at different doses, in and out of the reproductive season, breeds, application methods, among other factors. The overall aim is to increase the reproductive efficiency of rams in different scenarios and, in some cases, of other species due to the lack of limited information on rams.


rams, kisspeptin, eCG, PGF2α, GnRH


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