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Calf presence and estrous response, ovarian follicular activity and the pattern of luteinizing hormone in postpartum Bos indicus cows

Eduardo Gularte Xavier, Carlos Salvador Galina, Claudio Alves Pimentel, Sandra Fiala Rechsteiner, Martin Maquivar

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The main objective of the present experiment was to assess the effect of temporary weaning on the onset of estrus, ovarian follicular activity and secretion of luteinizing hormone in Bos indicus cows. Forty six mature cows were divided into three groups 1) calves were weaned for 72 h allowing auditory, olfactory and visual contact with their dams (VISUAL, n = 17), 2) calves without contact with their dams for 72 h (NC, n = 17) and 3) calves not weaned and in constant contact with their dams (CTRL, n = 12). Estrus was synchronized in all cows using CIDR for 9 days plus 2 mg of estradiol benzoate given at CIDR insertion. The VISUAL group had a greater (P < 0.05) proportion of cows in estrus (76.5%) compared to the CTRL group (16.7%), but no differences were found when compared to the NC group (58.8%). The VISUAL group had a greater proportion of animal that ovulated (76.5%) compared to CTRL (33.3%) and NC groups (64.7%; P = 0.059). Duration of estrus was shorter (P = 0.04) in the VISUAL (8.4 ± 4.4 hours) than in the NC (12.9 ± 13.4 hours) however, CTRL treatment (11 ± 1.4 hours) was not different from either of these two groups. LH concentration after implant removal was similar among treatments and started to increase at 36 h post CIDR removal. Only in the CTRL group was there an obvious increase by 54 h after implant removal. Follicular size increased in diameter from 36 h and were evident in treatments and control groups by 60 h (P < 0.05). The VISUAL treatment increased the number of cows ovulating and shortened the length of estrus. VISUAL and NC groups showed a similar response in follicular growth and pattern of circulating LH because of treatment.


Bos indicus, LH, postpartum, temporary weaning.


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