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Animal Reproduction (AR)
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The variable success of in vitro maturation: can we do better?

Alberto M. Luciano, Federica Franciosi, Rodrigo G. Barros, Cecilia Dieci, Valentina Lodde

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The efficiency of in vitro assisted reproductive technologies, consisting of the transfer of embryos obtained in vitro through in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilization and early embryo culture is still limited. The quality of the oocytes is pivotal for assisted reproductive efficiency and the maturation of the oocyte represents the first key limiting step of the in vitro embryo production system. At the time of removal from the antral follicles, the oocyte is still completing the final growth and differentiation steps, needed to provide the so-called developmental competence, i.e. the machinery required to sustain fertilization and embryo development. In mono-ovular species only one oocyte per cycle is available for procreation, therefore the current assisted reproduction techniques strive to overcome this natural boundary. However, the success is still limited and overall the effectiveness does not exceed the efficiency achieved in millions of years of mammalian evolution. One of the problems lies in the intrinsic heterogeneity of the oocytes that are subjected to in vitro maturation and in the lack of dedicated in vitro approaches to finalize the differentiation process. In this review we will try to overview some of the salient aspects of current practices by emphasizing the most critical and fundamental features in oocyte differentiation that should be carefully considered for improving current techniques.


cAMP, cGMP, chromatin, gap junction, meiotic arrest, oocyte, pre-IVM.


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