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Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Laparoscopic ovum pick-up for in vitro embryo production from dairy bovine and buffalo calves

Hernan Baldassarre, Vilceu Bordignon

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Laparoscopic ovum pick-up (LOPU) conducted on bovine and buffalo calves of 2-6-month of age, followed by in vitro embryo production and transfer into synchronous adult recipients, is a powerful tool for accelerated genetic gain and early dissemination of top genetics. In its current state, the technology is characterized by higher oocyte recovery rates, lower oocyte-to-embryo yields, and similar pregnancy and term development rates compared with adult counterparts. Improvements in oocyte competence have been made in recent years mainly through gonadotropin stimulation protocols tailored for prepubertal donors. These advances have brought the technology to the point of been apt for commercial application. However, future research must focus on increasing the proportion of fully competent oocytes recovered from calves thereby further empowering the role this technology platform can play in programs for accelerated dissemination of superior genetics.


Holstein, buffalo, prepubertal, accelerated genetic gain, calf oocyte.


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