Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

In vitro embryo production in buffaloes: from the laboratory to the farm

Diego Fernando Dubeibe Marin, Eduardo Baia de Souza, Vanessa Cunha de Brito, Carlos Vinicius Nascimento, Anelise Sarges Ramos, Sebastião Tavares Rolim Filho, Nathalia Nogueira da Costa, Marcela da Silva Cordeiro, Simone do Socorro Damasceno Santos, Otavio Mitio Ohashi

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Transvaginal follicular aspiration technique together with in vitro embryo production are the biotechnological alternatives currently available to support genetic improvement breeding programs in buffalo species. However, aspects related to animal management, lack of knowledge of the metabolic needs and biochemical peculiarities of gametes and embryos, as well as the reproductive physiology characteristics have hampered progress in the results. Despite the low availability of good quality oocytes collected after OPU in donors as a physiological characteristic of buffalo species, high rates of oocyte maturation, modest embryo cleavage, blastocyst production and pregnancy rates after transvaginal embryo transfer in recipients could be obtained in buffalo in vitro embryo production programs. The results of implementing an in vitro embryo production program in buffaloes in the northern region of Pará state, Brazil, and results published by other groups demonstrate the feasibility of implementing this biotechnology in the routine of breeding programs. Nevertheless, in order to achieve better and consistent results, it is necessary to deepen the knowledge on the peculiarities of reproductive biology in this specie. Selection of donor animals based on ovarian size and ovarian follicular reserve and on the rate of blastocyst production is presented as an effective alternative to increase the efficiency of the in vitro embryo production technique applied to the buffalo species.


buffalo, breeding programs, in vitro embryo production.


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