Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Effect of live body weight and method of synchronization on ovulation, pregnancy rate and embryo and fetal loss in buffalo heifers

Luigi Esposito; Donato de Nicola; Anna Balestrieri; Georgios Petrovas; Francesca Licitra; Angela Salzano; Gianluca Neglia

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Abstract: This study aimed to assess the influence of live body weight (LBW) and age on reproductive performance in buffalo heifers synchronized by different treatments. The study was carried out on 146 Mediterranean buffalo heifers (mean age 25.3±13.4 months, LBW 424±47 kg), divided into 2 homogeneous groups and synchronized by Ovsynch-TAI Program (OVS; n = 72) or double prostaglandin administered 12 days apart (PGF; n = 74). All the buffaloes were inseminated twice and follicle dimensions and ovulation rate (OR) were assessed by ultrasound 24 and 48 h post-insemination. Pregnancy was assessed on day 25, 45 and 90 post-insemination and the incidence of late embryonic (LEM) and fetal (FM) mortality were respectively recorded. Data were analyzed by ANOVA, Chi-square test and multiple logistic regression. The LBW was significantly (P<0.05) higher in inseminated animals, compared to those that did not respond to the treatments (450.0±3.2 vs. 423.2±9.6 kg in inseminated and not inseminated heifers, respectively). Total OR was similar between groups, although OR at 24 h tended to be higher (P = 0.06) in OVS (86.7 vs. 72.9% in OVS and PGF, respectively). A (P<0.01) higher LBW was observed in ovulated heifers of PGF, while no differences were recorded in OVS. LBW affected OR (odds ratio = 1,032; P<0.05) only in PGF, while no effects were recorded in OVS. Total pregnancy rate, LEM and FM were similar between groups. In conclusion, the LBW would be considered before including buffalo heifers in a synchronization program and both synchronization treatments can be useful.


pubescent buffalo, synchronization, weight score


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