Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Factors that interfere with oocyte quality for in vitro production of cattle embryos: effects of different developmental & reproductive stages

P.S. Baruselli, E.O.S. Batista, L.M. Vieira, R.M. Ferreira, B.G. Guerreiro, B.M. Bayeux, J.N.S. Sales, A.H. Souza, L.U. Gimenes

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The success of IVP is ultimately dependent on the number and quality of the cumulus-oocyte complexes (COC) harvested during the OPU procedure. Several factors appear to be critical to oocyte quality including follicle size, environment factors such as heatstress, genetic background, age and lactation status of donor animals, all having a remarkable influence on the results of IVP. The aim of this review is to highlight some critical areas that can help veterinary practitioners to enhance OPU efficiency and successfully implement IVP into their routine practice. Focus will be given to recent findings in the literature and underlying physiological aspects that may be interfering with the quality of oocytes addressed to IVP in cattle at younger ages (calves and prepubertal heifers), pregnant vs nonpregnant status, and possible interactions with lactation and days postpartum during OPU.


bovine, embryo, IVF, oocyte, pregnancy
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