Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 12, Issue 4, 2015 October/December

12(4), 2015 October/December

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Evaluation of two different boar semen freezing protocols and their effects on semen quality after thawing L.G.P. Rocha, M.G. Zangeronimo, L.D.S. Murgas, G. Oberlender, L.J. Pereira, B.A. Pereira, B.R. Chaves, D.M. Silva
Effect of follicle wave synchronization and gonadotropin treatments on the number and quality of cumulus-oocyte complex obtained by ultrasound-guided ovum pick-up in beef cattle F.L. Ongaratto, P. Rodriguez-Villamil, A. Tribulo, G.A. Bó
Technique to simultaneously evaluate ram sperm morphology, acrosome and membrane integrity I.W. Santos, J.E. Nóbrega Jr, G.F. Ilha, M.T. Rovani, M.P. De Cesaro, B.G. Gasperin, P.B.D. Gonçalves
Effect of oral drenching of glycerin as a source of pre-mating energetic supplementation on reproductive response in goats F.V. Rodrigues, C.M.G. Silva, I.M.T. Lima, A.M. Silva, C.C.L. Fernandes, D. Rondina
Behavioral characteristics of calving in Curraleiro Pé-duro cows H.C.A. Teixeira, P.L.G. Souto, E.A. Barbosa, N.H. Moreira, G. Santos Júnior, A.S. Mariante, A.F. Ramos
Impact of isothermic and bithermic dilution on quality of chilled boar sperm M.C.S. Almeida, J.L. Moroni, M.L. Bernardi, I. Wentz, F.B. Bortolozzo
Effects of BMP-4 and FSH on growth, morphology and mRNA expression of oocyte-secreted factors in cultured bovine secondary follicles R.O.D.S. Rossi, A.M.L.R. Portela, J.R.S. Passos, E.V. Cunha, A.W.B. Silva, J.J.N. Costa, M.V.A. Saraiva, M.A.M. Donato, C.A. Peixoto, R. Van Den Hurk, J.R.V. Silva
Goat placental efficiency determination by comparing litter weight to the surface area of the cotyledons S. Ocak, S. Ogun, Z. Gunduz, H.Onder
Sudden introduction of bucks during the late luteal phase of isolated female goats induces a biphasic change in progesterone concentrations R. Ungerfeld, A. Orihuela
Effects of cholesterol, FSH and LH on steroidogenic activity of cat granulosa cells cultured in vitro O. Simsek, S. Arikan


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