Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 11, Issue 2, 2014 April/June

11(2), 2014 April/June


Ovarian cysts in dairy cows: old and new concepts for definition, diagnosis and therapy K. Jeengar, V. Chaudhary, A. Kumar, S. Raiya, M. Gaur, G.N. Purohit

Original Article

Catalase and glutathione peroxidase expression in bovine corpus luteum during the estrous cycle and their modulation by prostaglandin F2α and H2O2 H.V. Vu, T.J. Acosta
Feed supplementation with palm kernel cake-based concentrate increases the quality of water buffalo semen A.X. Santos, P.R. Kahwage, C. Faturi, T. Quinzeiro Neto, J.B. Lourenço Junior, M.R.S.P. Joele, A.R. Garcia
Recombinant expression and purification of the bovine acidic Seminal Fluid Protein I.C. Bustamante-Filho, G.D. Salton, F.M. Munari, M.R. Schneider, R.C. Mattos, J.P. Laurino, E.O. Cirne-Lima, M.I.M. Jobim
Glutathione for the freezing of cooled equine semen, using different protocols R.A Oliveira, R.L. Piersanti, C.A. Wolf, M.A.O. Viu, M.L. Gambarini
Testicular and epididymal ultrasonography in Santa Inês lambs raised in Brazil A.K.G. Andrade, A.T. Soares, F.F. Freitas, S.V. Silva, C.E. Peña-Alfaro, A.M. Batista, M.M.P. Guerra
Effect of hydrogen peroxide on thawed ovine sperm motility M.S. Maia, S.D. Bicudo, L. Rodello

Short Communication

Absence of effect of scrotal length and width over litter size in Wistar rats D.C.P. Marçal, L.G. Gaya, A.P. Madureira, G. Tarôco, D.R. Rezende, I.C. Santos


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