Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 11, Issue 1, 2014 January/March

11(1), 2014 January/March

Original Article

The influence of insemination dose on pregnancy per fixed-time artificial insemination in beef cows is affected by semen extender A.M. Crespilho, F.O. Papa, M.F. Sá Filho, P.N. Guasti, J.A. Dell’Aqua Jr, J.L.M. Vasconcelos, J.L.C. Novaes, A. Martins Jr.
Evaluation of sperm quality in successive regular collections from captive black-and-gold howler monkeys (Alouatta caraya) F.M. Carvalho, P.R. Arakaki, M. Nichi, J.A.P.C. Muniz, J.M.B. Duarte, R.R. Valle
Assessment of different solutions and incubation times in the hypoosmotic swelling test of frozen/thawed semen in Piau boars R.O. Pinho, H.H. Shiomi, D.M.A. Lima, J.B. Siqueira, M.H.C. Barros, P.S. Lopes, S.E.F. Guimarães, J.D. Guimarães
Seminal factors influencing return to estrus in female pigs following artificial insemination F.J. McPherson, S.G. Nielsen, P.J. Chenoweth
Canine testicular disorders and their influence on sperm morphology L.B.R.M. Câmara, D.R. Câmara,*, F.C. Maiorino, V.A. Silva Júnior, M.M.P. Guerra
Reproductive parameters and the use of MOET in transgenic founder goat carrying the human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (hG-CSF) gene R.R. Moura, J.M.G. Souza-Fabjan, J.F. Fonseca, C.H.S. Melo, D.J.D. Sanchez, M.P. Vieira, T.M. Almeida, I.A. Serova, O.L. Serov, A.F. Pereira, D.I.A. Teixeira, L.M. Melo, V.J.F. Freitas
Reproductive performance of Santa Inês ewes during dry and rainy seasons in eastern Amazon A.C.B. Moura, P.P.M. Teixeira, L.N. Coutinho, C.C. Paz, V.J.C. Santos, F.N. Soares, M.E.F. Oliveira, W.R.R. Vicente, A.A. Araújo, L.F.S. Rodrigues
Anatomical and histological characterization of the cervix in Santa Inês hair ewes C.A. Cruz Júnior, C. McManus, J.L.P.R. Jivago, M. Bernardi, C.M. Lucci

Short Communication

Survival, growth, and hormone production in vitro from preantral follicles of crossbred female goats (Saanen × Anglo-Nubian) G.M. Silva, R. Rossetto, M.G.F. Salles, M.F.S. Sá, A.C.J.S. Rosa e Silva, A.P.R. Rodrigues, C.C. Campello, J.R. Figueiredo


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