Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 10, Issue 4, 2013 October/December

10(4), 2013 October/December

Original Article

Changes in the expression pattern of developmentally important genes and possible relation to the low in vitro and in vivo developmental potential of transgenic nuclear transfer embryos R. Felmer, M.E. Arias, G. Muñoz, J. Rio, M. Silva, M. Berland, R. Valdivia, M. Kato, M.I. Becker, A. DeIoannes
A comparison of microbiological and molecular detection of vaginal Lactobacillus spp. between mares and women M.M.B. Castro-Chaves, A.S. Borges, J.P. Oliveira-Filho, E.M. Brolazo, C. Ramires-Neto, M.A. Alvarenga
Three-dimensional modeling of color Doppler images: a new approach to study follicular vascularization in cattle E.K.N. Arashiro, M.P. Palhao, J.R.L. Santos, R.C. Fontes, L.G.B. Siqueira, M. Henry, J.H.M. Viana
In vitro and in vivo assessment of skim milk with and without egg yolk on canine spermatozoa incubated at 4ºC J.D. Diaz, Y. Corrada, P.G. Blanco, C. Gobello
The rat estrous cycle revisited: a quantitative and qualitative analysis C.C. Paccola, C.G. Resende, T. Stumpp, S.M. Miraglia, I. Cipriano
Hypoosmotic swelling test in young Nelore bulls classified as sound and unsound for breeding L.F. Martins, R.O. Pinho, J.B. Siqueira, D.S. Costa, S.E.F. Guimarães, T. Miranda Neto, J.D. Guimarães
The effect of cryodevice and cryoprotectant concentration on buffalo oocytes vitrified at MII stage K.Gh.M. Mahmoud, M.M.M. El-Sokary, T.H. Scholkamy, M.E.A. Abou El-Roos, G.A.M. Sosa, M. Nawito
Equine seminal plasma on preserving the viability of frozen-thawed ram sperm L.T. Martins, P.C. Santos Neto, S. Gaudêncio Neto, F.K. Vieira, E.S. Ribeiro, A. Mezzalira, A.D. Vieira

Short Communication

Response of ewes primed with new CIDRs, previously used CIDRs, or previously used and autoclaved CIDRs to the ram effect during the non-breeding season R. Ungerfeld, D. Gamboa, L. Álvarez
Usefulness of hemocytometer as a counting chamber in a computer-assisted sperm analyzer (CASA) A. Eljarah, J. Chandler, J.A. Jenkins, J. Chenevert, A. Alcanal


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