Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 8, Issue 1/2, 2011 January/June

8(1/2), 2011 January/June

Original Article

Reproductive performance of ewes treated with an estrus induction/synchronization protocol during the spring season G.M.G. Santos, K.C. Silva-Santos, F.A. Melo-Sterza, I.Y. Mizubuti, F.B. Moreira, M.M. Seneda
Ascorbic acid improves the survival and in vitro growth of isolated caprine preantral follicles G.M. Silva, V.R. Araújo, A.B.G. Duarte, R.N. Chaves, C.M.G. Silva, C.H. Lobo, A.P. Almeida, M.H.T. Matos, L.M.T. Tavares, C.C. Campelo, J.R. Figueiredo
Effects of BMP-7 and FSH on the development of goat preantral follicles and levels of mRNA for FSH-R, BMP-7 and BMP receptors after in-vitro culture I.M.A. Frota, C.C.F. Leitão, J.J.N. Costa, R. van den Hurk, I.R. Brito, M.V.A. Saraiva, J.R. Figueiredo, J.R.V. Silva
A comparison of fertility with a Cosynch protocol versus a modified Ovsynch protocol which included estradiol in lactating dairy cows during the summer season in Jordan M.A. Alnimer, A.A. Alfataftah, M.M. Ababneh

Short Communication

Ultrasound evaluation of pregnancy in owl monkey (Aotus azarai infulatus) F.O.B. Monteiro, L.N. Coutinho, G.A. Silva, P.H.G. Castro, C.E. Maia, K.S.M. Silva, W.R.R. Vicente


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