Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 7, Issue 3, 2010 July/September

7(3), 2010 July/September


III International Symposium on Animal Biology of Reproduction (ISABR 2010) Focus on Epigenetics October 22-24, 2010, Águas de São Pedro, SP, Brazi Mario Binelli, PhD


III International Symposium on Animal Biology of Reproduction (ISABR 2010)

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Epigenetics and reproduction and the developmental origins of health and disease K.M. Aagaard-Tillery, M.A. Suter, A. Harris, A. Abramovici, J. Cantu
Uterine microRNA signature and consequence of their dysregulation in uterine disorders Nasser Chegini
MicroRNA control of ovarian function L.K. Christenson
Epigenetic control of folliculogenesis and luteinization J. Vanselow, R. Fürbass
Role of angiotensin II on follicle development and ovulation P.B.D. Gonçalves, V.M. Portela, R. Ferreira, B.G. Gasperin
Orphan nuclear receptor regulation of reproduction K. Bertolin, A-M. Bellefleur, C. Zhang, B.D. Murphy
Effects of exogenous endocrine stimulation on epigenetic programming of the female germline genome E. de Waal, J.R. McCarrey
Transgenerational epigenetic actions of environmental compounds C. Guerrero-Bosagna, M.K. Skinner
Is ART changing the epigenetic landscape of imprinting? W. Mak, J.R. Weaver, M.S. Bartolomei
Reproductive biology in the “omics” era: what can be done? F.L. D’Alexandri, S. Scolari, C.R. Ferreira
Sexual plasticity of rainbow trout germ cells G. Yoshizaki, T. Okutsu, M. Ichikawa, M. Hayashi, Y. Takeuchi
Epigenetic anomalies associated with prenatal survival and neonatal morbidity in cloned calves L.C. Smith, J. Suzuki Jr., A.K. Goff, F. Filion, J. Therrien, B.D. Murphy, H.R. Kohan-Ghadr, R. Lefebvre, A.C. Brisville, S.Buczinski, G. Fecteau, F. Perecin, F.V. Meirelles

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III International Symposium Animal Biology of Reproductive
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