Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 4, Issue 1, 2007 January/June

4(1), 2007 January/June


The role of androgens in the control of spermatogenesis: lessons from transgenic models involving a Sertoli cell-selective knockout of the androgen receptor G. Verhoeven, E. Denolet, J.V. Swinnen, A. Willems, P.T.K. Saunders, R.M. Sharpe, K. De Gendt

Original Article

Sperm morphological attributes in indigenous male goats raised under extensive husbandry in Ethiopia Y. Mekasha, A. Tegegne, H. Rodriguez-Martinez
Effect of dietary fat supplementation on reproductive performance of goats H.H. Titi and R. Awad
Relationship among nitric oxide, progesterone and estradiol-17β concentrations in follicular fluid during follicular development in cattle R.F. Faes, M.C. Caldas-Bussiere, A.A.M. Rosa-e-Silva, J. Antunes-Rodrigues, J.C. Barbosa
Seasonal variation in sexual performance of Awassi rams R.T. Kridli, A.Y. Abdullah, B.S. Obeidat, R.I. Qudsieh, H.H. Titi, M.S. Awawdeh
The reproductive performance of beef cows of different ages with calves weaned at three or seven months C.S. Gottschall, E.T. Ferreira, L. Canellas, H.R. Bittencourt
Endometrial membrane response in Mus musculus during implantation by Vitex negundo Linn A. Banerjee, R. Vaghasiya, N. Shrivastava, H. Padh, M. Nivsarkar
Resistance of embryos from Bos indicus cattle during early stages of in vitro development to heat shock compared to embryos crossbred from crossbred cattle F.M. Monteiro, E.C. Freitas, D.S. Melo, L.M. Carvalho, A.B. Teixeira, L.A. Coelho, L.A. Trinca, C.M. Barros


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