Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 4, Issue 3, 2007 July/December

4(3), 2007 July/December


Sources and functions of prostaglandins in the testis: evidence for their relevance in male (in)fertility M.B. Frungieri, S.I. Gonzalez-Calvar, M.E. Matzkin, A. Mayerhofer, R.S. Calandra

Original Article

Effect of semen source and dose of FSH on superovulatory response and embryo production in Holstein heifers A.H. Souza, R. Sartori, J.N. Guenther, D. Caraviello, R. Monson, M.C. Wiltbank
Protein profile of uterine washings of cyclic and pregnant cows from Days 14 to 18 post-estrus C. Niemeyer, A.F.P. Siqueira, M.I. Giassetti, E.O. Pontes, F. Fedozzi, M.C. Lima, C.M. Bertan, R.P. Arruda, M.A. Miglino, M. Binelli
Nuclear maturation and mitochondrial distribution in equine oocytes matured in vitro J. Aguilar, C. Mas, M. Reyley, R. Ludueña, H. Mouguelar, L. Losinno
Use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) for fixed-time artificial insemination in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) N.A.T. Carvalho, M. Nichi, C.E.P. Henriquez, C.A. Oliveira, P.S. Baruselli
Influence of osteopontin, casein and oviductal fluid on bovine sperm capacitation D.W. Erikson, A.L. Way, R.P. Bertolla, D.A. Chapman, G.J. Killian
Effect of different cryoprotectant concentrations for ultrarapid freezing of immature goat follicular oocytes on their subsequent maturation and fertilization in vitro N. Garg, G.N. Purohit
Evaluation of zinc gluconate, either associated or not to dimethyl sulfoxide, as contraceptive method for male dogs F.R.M. Soto, W.G. Viana, A.J. Sousa, S.R. Pinheiro, G.B. Mucciolo, F.Y.M. Hosomi, S.S. Azevedo, R.A. Dias


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