Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 2, Issue 1, 2005 January/March

2(1), 2005 January/March


Seminal plasma proteins and fertility indexes in the bull: The case for osteopontin Arlindo A. Moura
Transgenic animals: The melding of molecular biology and animal reproduction T.Collares, D.C. Bongalhardo, J.C. Deschamps, H.L.M. Moreira

Original Article

Effects of modified FSH surges on follicle selection and codominance in heifers T.J. Acosta, M.A. Beg, O.J. Ginther
Follicle and gonadotropin relationships during the beginning of the anovulatory season in mares M.M. Nunes, E.L. Gastal, M.O. Gastal, A.N. Rocha Filho, A.P. Mellagi, O.J. Ginther
Induction of synchronized estrus in dairy goats with different gonadotrophins1 J.F. Fonseca, J.H. Bruschi, F.N. Zambrini, E. Demczuk, J.H.M. Viana, M.P. Palhão
Progesterone profile and reproductive performance of estrous-induced Alpine goats given hCG five days after breeding J.F. Fonseca, C.A.A. Torres, E.P. Costa, V.V. Maffili, G.R. Carvalho, N.G. Alves, M.A. Rubert
Polymorphism of serum proteins in Campolina horses R.L. Nunes, D.A.A. Oliveira, E.G.A. Coelho
Effect of meiotic stage on viability and developmental competence of bovine oocytes vitrified in TCM-199 and bovine follicular fluid E.S.C. Siqueira-Pyles, F.C. Landim-Alvarenga
The effects of the number of oocytes and the volume of maturation medium in bovine in vitro embryo production D.S. Brum, F.G. Leivas, C.A.M. Silva, M.I.B. Rubin, L.P. Rauber, S.S. Fialho, L.F.C. Pilla, M.L. Bernardi


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