Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Seminal plasma proteins and metabolites: effects on sperm function and potential as fertility markers

Arlindo Alencar Moura, Erdogan Memili, Antônia Moemia Rodrigues Portela, Arabela Guedes Viana, Ana Luiza Cazaux Velho, Maria Júlia Barbosa Bezerra, Fábio Róger Vasconselos

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Molecular components of sperm and in the media surrounding them influence male fertility. In this regard, seminal plasma proteins and metabolites modulate various reproductive events, including sperm motility and capacitation, cell protection, acrosome reaction, fertilization and embryonic development. Empirical associations between seminal proteins and metabolites and fertility indicate that these molecules are potential molecular markers of male reproductive status in cattle and other species.


fertility, metabolites, proteins, seminal plasma, sperm.


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