Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Sanitary program to reduce embryonic mortality associated with infectious diseases in cattle

Amauri Alcindo Alfieri, Raquel Arruda Leme, Alais Maria Dall Agnol, Alice Fernandes Alfieri

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Among reproductive disorders in dairy and beef cattle worldwide, embryonic mortalities stand out as one of the most frequent. Because of the multifactorial etiology, the clinical and laboratory diagnoses of embryonic mortality causes in cattle are quite complex. Often, infectious causes may account for up to 50% of bovine embryonic mortality rates after 30 days of conception. This review will address the main causes of early and late embryonic mortality, with emphasis on infectious causes and, particularly, those more frequent in the Brazilian cattle herds. In addition, we will discuss ways of controlling and prophylaxis including those related to reproductive and sanitary management, with emphasis on immunoprophylaxis of the three most frequent reproductive infectious diseases in Brazilian dairy and beef cattle herds.


bovine, reproduction, IBR, BVD, leptospirosis, vaccination.


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