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Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Aspects of embryo-maternal communication in establishment of pregnancy in cattle

José M. Sánchez, Constantine A. Simintiras, Patrick Lonergan

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Establishment of pregnancy in mammals requires reciprocal molecular communication between the conceptus and endometrium that modifies the endometrial transcriptome and uterine luminal milieu to support pregnancy. Due to the small size of the early embryo and elongating conceptus relative to the volume of the uterine lumen, collection of endometrium adjacent to the developing conceptus is difficult following conventional uterine flushing methods in cattle. Use of endometrial explants in culture can overcome this challenge and reveal information about the dialogue between the developing embryo and the uterus. The aim of this short review is to summarize some of our recent findings in relation to embryo maternal interaction during bovine pregnancy establishment and to put them in the wider context of fertility in cattle.


conceptus, fertility, bovine, uterus, progesterone.


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