Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 13, Issue 2, 2016 April/June

13(2), 2016 April/June

Original Article
Effects of coconut (Cocos nucifera) water with or without egg-yolk on viability of cryopreserved buck spermatozoa J.O. Daramola, E.O. Adekunle, O.E. Oke, O.M. Onagbesan, I.K. Oyewusi, J.A. Oyewusi
Blood flow indices in single and multiple bearing does M.A. Abdel-Ghani, T.M. El-Sherry, M. Hayder
Effect of L-arginine treatment on motility, hyperactivity, acrosome reaction of ejaculated ram spermatozoa K.H. El-Shahat, M.I. Taysser, M.R. Badr, K. Zaki
Relationships between follicle and corpus luteum diameter, blood flow, and progesterone production in beef cows and heifers: preliminary results S.G.S. de Tarso, G.A. Apgar, M.O. Gastal, E.L. Gastal
Effects of dbcAMP on progesterone synthesis by cultured goat luteal cell subpopulations isolated from early and late luteal stage corpora lutea S. Arikan, H. Kalender, O. Simsek
Uterine nitric oxide levels and isofluopredone treatment effect in mares susceptible to persistent post-breeding endometritis C.A. Wolf, E. Malschitzky, I.C. Bustamante-Filho, M.I.M. Jobim, R.C. Mattos
The effects of propolis on sperm quality, reproductive organs and testicular antioxidant status of male rats treated with cyclosporine-A B. Gul Baykalir, P. Tatli Seven, S. Gur, I. Seven
Fertilization rate and embryo production of superovulated dairy cows after insemination with non-sorted and sex-sorted semen P.L.J. Monteiro Jr, A.M. Batista, F.C. Almeida, A.E.S. Figueirêdo, P.C. Soares, G.F. Carneiro, M.M.P. Guerra
Factors affecting gestational length in the Mangalarga Paulista breed J.R.M. Ferreira, M.G. Meirelles, C.F. Guimarães, M.A. Alonso, M. Nichi, C.B. Fernandes


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