Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 13, Issue 1, 2016 January/March

13(1), 2016 January/March

Original Article
Growth and reproductive traits of purebred and crossbred Romanov lambs in Eastern Anatolia M. Kutluca Korkmaz, E. Emsen
Protective effects of fruit-juices on sperm viability of West African Dwarf goat bucks during cryopreservation J.O. Daramola, E.O. Adekunle, O.M. Onagbesan, O.E. Oke, A.O. Ladokun, J.A. Abiona, M.O. Abioja, I.K. Oyewusi, J.A. Oyewusi, O.A Isah, O.M. Sogunle, M.A. Adeleke
The effect of different feeding schedules on egg quality, blood, and bone parameters in broiler breeders A. Londero, A.P. Rosa, C.E.B. Vivas, C. Orso, M.O. Fernandes, S.J. Paixão, C.B.S. Giacomini, C.M. Andrade, H.E. Palma
Influence of catalase and pre-freezing equilibration on post-thaw semen quality and conception rate in ewes laparoscopically inseminated D.R. Câmara, L.C. Pinto, M.M.C.M. Pinto, J.P. Kastelic, J.F. Nunes, J.M.P. Barbosa, M.M.P. Guerra
Influence of the ovarian fragmentation before storage at 4o C on the apoptosis rates and in vitro development of ovine preantral follicles R.S. Barberino, R.J.S. Gonçalves, V.G. Menezes, V.R.P. Barros, T.L.B.G. Lins, B.B. Gouveia, T.J.S. Macedo, L.P. Santos, M.H.T. Matos
Influence of the protein content of boar seminal plasma on spermatozoa viability, motility and acrosome integrity in diluted semen stored for 3 days J. Apić, I. Stančić, S. Vakanjac, I. Radović, A. Milovanović, T. Barna, M. Maletić
Vitrification of immature and matured bovine oocytes: effect of brilliant cresyl blue selection and hyaluronan addition P. Rodriguez-Villamil, F.L. Ongaratto, G. Moreira, M. Fernandez Taranco, G.A. Bó
Possible asynchronous parturition in a multifetal strepsirrhine: Hapalemur meridionalis T.M. Eppley, G. Donati, J.U. Ganzhorn


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