Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 12, Issue 3, 2015 July/September

12(3), 2015 July/September


From de SBTE President Margot Alves Nunes Dode, PhD
From the Scientific Committee Chair Roberto Sartori, PhD
From the AETE President Frank Becker

Conference Paper

Multiparametric flow cytometry: a relevant tool for sperm function evaluation F.J. Peña
Status of embryo production in the world P. Blondin
New aspects of sperm physiology and sperm oocyte interactions F.J. Peña
Snooping on a private conversation between the oviduct and gametes/embryos C. Almiñana
Updates on embryo production strategies P.S. Baruselli, L.M. Vieira, E.O.S. Batista, R.M. Ferreira, J.N.S. Sales, L.U. Gimenes, J.R.S. Torres-Junior, C.M. Martins, M.F. Sá Filho, G.A. Bo
In vitro and in vivo embryo production in cattle superstimulated with FSH for 7 days R.J. Mapletoft, A. García Guerra, F.C.F. Dias, J. Singh, G.P. Adams
Genomic selection of in vitro produced and somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos for rapid genetic improvement in cattle production H.N. Kadarmideen, G. Mazzoni, Y.F. Watanabe, L. Strøbech, P.S. Baruselli, F.V. Meirelles, H. Callesen, P. Hyttel, J.B.S. Ferraz, M.F.G. Nogueira
Oocyte developmental competence and embryo quality: distinction and new perspectives I. Gilbert, A. Macaulay, C. Robert
Metabolism in the pre-implantation oocyte and embryo M.L. Sutton-McDowall, J.G. Thompson
What is new in the cryopreservation of embryos? C. Almiñana, C. Cuello
Developmental programming in the preimplantation period: can it be exploited to enhance postnatal function in cattle? P.J. Hansen
Metaboloepigenetics: providing alternate hypotheses for regulation of gene expression in the early embryo H.M. Brown, T.C.Y. Tan, J.G. Thompson
Research challenges involving embryo pathogen interactions J.A. Gard
The infectious disease epidemiologic triangle of bovine uterine diseases V.S. Machado, R.C. Bicalho
In vitro production of bovine embryos: revisiting oocyte development and application of systems biology L. Stroebech, G. Mazzoni, H.S. Pedersen, K.K. Freude, H.N. Kadarmideen, H. Callesen, P. Hyttel
State of the art of GnRH - based timed AI in beef cattle M.L. Day
Is the number of antral follicles an interesting selection criterium for fertility in cattle? F. Morotti, T.R.R. Barreiros, F.Z. Machado, S.M. González, L.S.R. Marinho, M.M. Seneda
Relationship between follicle population, AMH concentration and fertility in cattle P.S. Baruselli, E.O.S. Batista, L.M. Vieira, A.H. Souza
Estrus detection tools and their applicability in cattle: recent and perspectival situation J.B. Roelofs, E. van Erp-van der Kooij
The developmental origins of health and disease: importance for animal production P. Chavatte-Palmer, C. Richard, P. Peugnet, M. Robles, D. Rousseau-Ralliard, A. Tarrade
Embryo metabolism: what does it really mean? N. Lewis, R.G. Sturmey

Conference Abstract

III Symposium of the South American Research Consortium on Cloning and Transgenesis in Ruminants

Abstracts - 29th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE)

Physiology of Reproduction in Male and Semen Technology (Abstracts A001 to A023)
Folliculogenesis, Oogenesis and Ovulation (Abstracts A032 to A066)
FTAI, FTET and AI (Abstracts A070 to A137)
OPU-IVP and ET (Abstracts A138 to A189)
Embryology, Developmental Biology and Physiology of Reproduction (Abstracts A212 to A251)
Cloning, Transgenesis and Stem Cells (Abstracts A272 to A281)
Cryopreservation and Cryobiology, Diagnosis Through Imaging, Molecular Biology and "Omics" (Abstracts A284 to A313)

Abstracts - 31st Meeting of the European Embryo Transfer Association (AETE)

Physiology of Reproduction in Male and Semen Technology (Abstracts A024E to A031E)
Folliculogenesis, Oogenesis and Ovulation (Abstracts A067E to A069E)
OPU-IVP and ET (Abstracts A190E to A211E)
Embryology, Developmental Biology and Physiology of Reproduction (Abstracts A252E to A271E)
Cloning, Transgenesis and Stem Cells (Abstracts A282E to A283E)
Cryopreservation and Cryobiology, Diagnosis Through Imaging, Molecular Biology and "Omics" (Abstracts A314E to A322E)


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