Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 9, Issue 4, 2012 October/December

9(4), 2012 October/December


IV International Symposium on Animal Biology of Reproduction (ISABR 2012) Arlindo A. Moura


IV International Symposium on Animal Biology of Reproduction (ISABR 2012)

Conference Paper

Fertility-associated proteins in male and female reproductive fluids of cattle G. Killian
Probing the uterine microenvironment through Systems Biology approaches F.S. Mesquita, F.L. D’Alexandri, S.C. Scolari, C.M.B. Membrive, P.C. Papa, D. Cardoso, I. Martin, J.N.S. Sales, C.E. Wheelock, M.N. Eberlin, M. Binelli
Changes in various endometrial proteins during cloprostenol-induced failure of early pregnancy in mares M.A. Hayes, B.A. Quinn, B.N. Lillie, O. Côté, D. Bienzle, R.O. Waelchli, K.J. Betteridge
Driving asynchronous spermatogenesis: is retinoic acid the answer? C.A. Hogarth, M.D. Griswold
Beta-defensins in the epididymis: clues to multifunctional roles C.M. Ribeiro, R.M. Romano, M.C.W. Avellar
Adverse trends in male reproductive health and decreasing fertility rates L. Priskorn, S.A. Holmboe, N. Jørgensen, A.M. Andersson, K. Almstrup, J. Toppari, N.E. Skakkebæk
Transgenesis in farm animals D. Salamone, R. Bevacqua, M.I. Hiriart, C. Buemo, C. Luchetti, L. Moro, R. Fernandez-Martin
Maternal metabolic health and oocyte quality: the role of the intrafollicular environment J.L.M.R. Leroy, S. Valckx, R. Sturmey, P. Bossaert, V. Van Hoeck, P.E.J. Bols
How the maternal environment impacts fetal and placental development: implications for livestock production K.A. Vonnahme
An overview of spermatogonial stem cell physiology, niche and transplantation in fish S.M.S.N. Lacerda, P.M. Aponte, G.M.J. Costa, P.H.A. Campos-Junior, T.M. Segatelli, M.A. Silva, L.R. França
New insights into the understanding of the mechanism of sperm protection by extender components P. Manjunath

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IV International Symposium on Animal Biology of Reproduction

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