Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 7, Issue 2, 2010 April/June

7(2), 2010 April/June


Luteinizing Hormone Receptor (LHR): basic concepts in cattle and other mammals. A review M.F.G. Nogueira, P. Fernandes, R.L. Ereno, R.A.L. Simões, J. Buratini Junior, C.M. Barros

Original Article

Effects of storage conditions of dromedary camel ovaries on the morphology, viability and development of antral follicular oocytes S.M. Abd-Allah
Water-induced hypo-osmotic test for the evaluation of canine sperm membrane integrity A.T. Quintela, I.R.S. Oliveira, A.O. Souza, A.L. Gusmão, A.R. Silva
Effects of flunixin meglumine on reproductive parameters in beef cattle E. Lucacin, A. Pinto-Neto, M.F. Mota, A. Acco, M.I.L. Souza, J. Alberton, A.V. Silva
Androstenedione and follicle stimulating hormone involvement in the viability and development of goat preantral follicles in vitro I.B. Lima-Verde, R. Rossetto, M.H.T. Matos, J.J.H. Celestino, J.B. Bruno, C.M.G. Silva,L.R. Faustino, M.B.S. Mororó, V.R. Araújo, C.C. Campello, J.R. Figueiredo
Follicular growth and plasma progesterone patterns in Bos indicus x Bos taurus heifers submitted to different PGF2α/progesterone-based synchronization protocols A.P. Mantovani, M. Nichi, M.F. Sá Filho, H. Ayres, L.F. Vettorato, G.A. Bo, P.S. Baruselli


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