Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 3, Issue 1, 2006 January/March

3(1), 2006 January/March


Female prostate: a review about the biological repercussions of this gland in humans and rodents F.C.A. Santos, S.R. Taboga
Factors influencing in vitro embryo production L.S.A. Camargo, J.H.M.Viana, W.F. Sá, A.M. Ferreira, A.A. Ramos, V.R. Vale Filho

Original Article

Conversion of a viable preovulatory follicle into a hemorrhagic anovulatory follicle in mares O.J. Ginther, E.L. Gastal, M.O. Gastal, M.A. Beg
Swine semen cooled at 5ºC with PIGPEL-5 extender: effects on semen quality in vitro and fertility estimators in vivo M.N. Corrêa, T. Lucia Jr., I. Bianchi, E. Schmitt, J. Bordignon, D.C. Rech, I.A. Peruzzo, J.C. Deschamps
Analysis of nuclear maturation in in vitro matured oocytes from estrous and anestrous bitches L.R. Martins, C.B. Ponchirolli, S.L. Beier, F.C. Landim-Alvarenga, M.D. Lopes
Effects of cooling and freezing on sperm motility of the endangered fish piracanjuba Brycon orbignyanus (Characiformes, Characidae) A.N. Maria, A.T.M. Viveiros, L.H. Orfão, A.V. Oliveira, G.F. Moraes
Effect of ovine follicular fluid peptide on follicle, oocyte, and somatic cell culture in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) S. Nandi, V. Girish Kumar, P.S.P. Gupta, H. Ramesh, B.M. Manjunatha
In vitro nuclear maturation of bitch oocytes in the presence of polyvinyl-pyrrolidone L.C. Santos, B.A. Rodrigues, J.L. Rodrigues


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