Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 3, Issue 3, 2006 July/September

3(3), 2006 July/September

Original Article

Relationship between vascularity of the preovulatory follicle and establishment of pregnancy in mares L.A. Silva, E.L. Gastal, M.O. Gastal, M.A. Beg, and O.J. Ginther
Reproductive performance of hormonally-treated anestrous Awassi ewes R.T. Kridli, M.Q. Husein, H.A. Muhdi and J.M. Al-Khazaleh
Vitrification of in vitro produced Zebu embryos F.C. Varago, W.P. Saliba, M.T.T. Alvim, A.B. Vasconcelos, C.H. Oliveira, R. Stahlberg, M.A. Lagares
Sexing of Boer goat fetuses using transrectal ultrasonography M.H.B. Santos, R.T.D. Moura, R.M. Chaves, A.T. Soares, J.P. Neves H.D. Reichenbach, P.F. Lima, M.A.L. Oliveira
Characterization of estrus profile in female swine and its accuracy in estimating ovulation time in comparison to ultrasound diagnosis M.V.F. Alvarenga, I. Bianchi, E. Schmitt, A.S. Varela Junior, O. Calderam, M.N. Corrêa, J.C. Deschamps, T. Lucia Jr.
Effect of synchronizing ovulation in cattle administered a norgestomet ear implant in association with eCG and estradiol treatments on pregnancy rate after fixed-time embryo transfer R.M. Ferreira, C.A. Rodrigues, H. Ayres, R.F. Mancilha, P.H. Franceschini, C.R. Esper, P.S. Baruselli
The use of coconut water solution (Cocos nucifera) as a holding medium for immature bovine oocytes for in vitro embryo production M.S. Cordeiro, E.H.S. Silva, M.S. Miranda, F.C. Biondi, S.S.D. Santos, O.M. Ohashi
A protocol for cryopreservation of spermatozoa of the fish Brycon orthotaenia F.C.S.A. Melo, H.P. Godinho


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