Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 3, Issue 4, 2006 October/December

3(4), 2006 October/December

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Amniotic fluid cytology at parturition from Nelore calves conceived by artificial insemination, embryo transfer, or in vitro production C.F. Moya, N.C. Prestes, M. Piagentini, N.S. Rocha
Effects of early weaning and progesterone-estradiol treatments on postpartum reproductive efficiency of grazing anestrous beef cows T. de Castro, D. Ibarra, L. Valdez, M. Rodriguez, N. Benquet, F. Garcia Lagos, E. Rubianes
In vitro culture of ovine primordial follicles in media supplemented with coconut water S.H.F. Costa, R.R. Santos, A.P.R. Rodrigues, J.R.V. Silva, J.J.H. Celestino, M.H.T. Matos, E.R. Andrade, F.S. Martins, J.K. Dantas, O.M. Ohashi, J.R. Figueiredo
Effects of hCG on progesterone concentrations and fertility in cyclic, lactating Alpine goats J.F. Fonseca, V.V. Maffili, M.T. Rodrigues, A.D.F. Santos, H. Rovay, A. Pinto Neto, F.Z. Brandão, C.A.A. Torres
Histological and ultrastructural features of caprine preantral follicles after in vitro culture in the presence or absence of indole-3-acetic acid M.H.T. Matos, R. van den Hurk, F.S. Martins, R.R. Santos, M.C.A. Luque, J.R.V. Silva, J.J.H. Celestino, S.N. Báo, J.R. Figueiredo
The sex ratio of in vitro produced bovine embryos is affected by the method of sperm preparation M.G.T. Rheingantz, L.M.C. Pegoraro, O.A. Dellagostin, A.M. Pimentel, M.L. Bernardi, J.C. Deschamps
Age-related changes in scrotal circumference and some semen characteristics in Awassi rams M.J. Tabbaa, R.T. Kridli, A. Al-Ghalban, F.S. Barakeh
Oxygen tension in IVM and IVF of bovine oocytes: effect on embryonic development and pregnancy rate F.G. Leivas, D.S. Brum, W.P Saliba, M.T.T. Alvim, M.L. Bernardi, M.I.B. Rubin, C.A.M. Silva


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