Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 1, Issue 1, 2004 October/December

1(1), 2004 October/December


The role of estrogen in testis and the male reproductive tract: a review and species comparison R. A. Hess, K. Carnes
Seasonal influence on equine follicle dynamics O. J. Ginther, E. L. Gastal, M. O. Gastal, M. A. Beg
Follicle dynamics and selection in mares O. J. Ginther, M. A. Beg, M. O. Gastal, E. L. Gastal
Genes in genital malformations and male reproductive health P. K. Basrur, V. R. Basrur

Original Article

Fertilization rate and embryo quality in superovulated Holstein heifers artificially inseminated with X-sorted or unsorted sperm R. Sartori, A.H. Souza, J.N. Guenther, D.Z. Caraviello, L.N. Geiger, J.L. Schenk, M.C. Wiltbank
Transfer of equine embryos into anovulatory recipients supplemented with short or long acting progesterone A.N. Rocha Filho, M.A. Pessôa, M.M. Gioso, M.A. Alvarenga
Calcium influx into equine and bovine spermatozoa during in vitro capacitation1 F.C. Landim-Alvarenga, J.K. Graham, M.A. Alvarenga, E.L. Squires
Reproductive performance of sows submitted to intrauterine insemination at different pre-ovulatory intervals P.E. Bennemann, E. Milbradt, G.N. Diehl, D. Weber, A.C.T. Schimidt, M.L. Bernardi, I. Wentz, F.P. Bortolozzo
Influence of the lactation length in the subsequent litter size of sows E.P. Costa, W.S. Amaral Filha, A.H.A.Costa, F.F. Carvalho, A.K.Santos, A.F. Silva
Relationships between body condition and follicle development in mares1 M.O. Gastal, E.L. Gastal, V. Spinelli, O.J. Ginther
Sertoli cell efficiency and daily sperm production in goats (Capra hircus) M. C. Leal, S. C. Becker-Silva, H. Chiarini-Garcia, L. R. França


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