Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 10, Issue 2, 2013 April/June

10(2), 2013 April/June

Original Article

Efficiency of measuring corpus luteum cross-sectional areas by ultrasonography for detecting early pregnancy in cattle A.O. Gaja, S.Y.A. Al-Dahash, G. Raju, C. Kubota, T. Kojima, I. Hatazoe
Feed restriction inhibits early follicular development in young broiler-breeder hens F.J. Diaz, K. Anthony
Regulation of superoxide dismutase by prostaglandin F2α in the bovine corpus luteum H.V. Vu, T.V. Dam, T.J. Acosta
Impacts of maternal nutritional plane on umbilical artery hemodynamics, fetal and placentome growth in sheep L.A. Lekatz, J.S. Luther, J.S. Caton, K.A. Vonnahme
Corpus luteum diameter and embryo developmental stage are associated with pregnancy rate: data analysis from 17,521 embryo transfers from a commercial in vitro bovine embryo production program A.M. Gonella-Diaza, G. Holguín, D. Montaña, D. Valbuena
Lipoic acid decreases progesterone clearance in ovariectomized ewes R.S. Mottet, C.O. Lemley, K.A. Vonnahme,E.L. Berg
The effects of cyanocobalamin supplementation during the thawing of frozen boar semen on spermatozoa, in vitro fertilization, and embryonic development A.R. Mello, A.M. Hyde, L.E. Elsea, B.D. Whitaker

Short Communication

Insemination of four cows per dose of frozen semen with a fixed-time artificial insemination protocol E.C. Silveira, L.A. Bortolloti, F. Morotti, K.C. Silva-Santos, G.M.G. Santos, E.R. Andrade, M.M. Seneda


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