Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 6, Issue 2, 2009 April/June

6(2), 2009 April/June


Angiogenic factors and ovarian follicle development J.B. Bruno, M.H.T. Matos, R.N. Chaves, J.J.H. Celestino, M.V.A. Saraiva, I.B. Lima-Verde, V.R. Araújo, J.R. Figueiredo

Original Article

Routine assessment of motility of ejaculated stallion spermatozoa using a novel computer-assisted motility analyzer (Qualisperm™) F. Tejerina, J. Morrell, J. Petterson, A-M Dalin, H. Rodriguez-Martinez
Eosinophils and mast cells in the oviduct of heifers under natural and superovulated estrous cycles G.R. Valle, A.C.S. Castro, J.C. Nogueira, M.V. Caliari, D.S. Graça, E.F. Nascimento
Skim milk-egg yolk based semen extender compensates for non-enzymatic antioxidant activity loss during equine semen cryopreservation I.C. Bustamante Filho, C.D. Pederzolli, A.M. Sgaravatti, R.M. Gregory, C.S. Dutra Filho, M.I.M. Jobim, R.C. Mattos
Luteal function and blood flow during intravenous infusion of prostaglandin F2α in heifers O.J. Ginther, R.R. Araujo, B.L. Rodrigues, M.A. Beg
Expression of fibroblast growth factor 13 (Fgf13) mRNA in bovine antral follicles and corpora lutea I.B. Costa, N.A. Teixeira, P. Ripamonte, D.M. Guerra, C. Price, J. Buratini Jr
Improving in vitro maturation and cleavage rates of buffalo oocytes A.O. Hegab, A.E. Montasser, A.M. Hammam, E.M.A. Abu El-Naga, S.M. Zaabel

Short Communication

Reproductive performance of ewes mated in the spring when given nutritional supplements to enhance energy levels G.M.G. Santos, K.C.F. Silva, T.R. Casimiro, M.C. Costa, R.M. Mori, I.Y. Mizubuti, F.B. Moreira, M.M. Seneda


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